Our red still wine without added sulphites

Recommendation (75 – 82 PAR Points) for our Granato without added sulphites at the 9th international organic wine award 2018…

Red still wine “Gocce di Granato dell’Emilia IGT” (vintage: 2016) without added sulphites obtain 80 PAR points (PAR system) at the 9th international organic wine award 2018.

“Internazionaler bioweinpreis” is wine competition exclusively for wines made from organically grown grapes (organic wine)

For the ninth time, the international wine competition has been take place under the guidance of sensory experts and PAR system developer Martin Darting.

The international award for organic wines has become one of the most important tastings in the wine sector. In the year 2018 wineries and distributors out of 28 countries with 1086 organic wines have taken part.

More information: https://www.bioweinpreis.de/it/

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