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Organic farm since 1980 – Wine without sulphites and grape juice

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Grape to grape… quality and tradition in your glass

Folicello! organic for passion

Folicello is the name of our organic farm which relies entirely on the naturalness of its products with a true passion for the genuineness and the environment. We combine traditional methods and innovative tecniques in order to obtain high quality products, without using chemical substances. A high professionalism and the love for our job give us the possibility to improve each year, while our clients can make the experience of tasting the real flavours of our contryside.

What do we mean by organic? a way to work, to observe, to live the land. A philosophy of life in order to appreciate the harmony of a cultivated field, the cycle of seasons and the flow of time.

About us

Italian family tradition

Sustainability, Research and Innovation: a labor of love in respect of the environment and our health

For us, being a sustainable company has always been a fundamental and indispensable act that goes beyond organic farming

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