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For us it is a return to the old and healthy traditions, it is the appreciation of smells and tastes now forgotten, respect the ground to get the highest quality products without forcing production.

No added sulfites

A constant commitment and a rigorous professionalism to improve the quality of our products with particular attention to the health of our customers.


We do not use products of animal origin during all steps of production.

Other Products

Saba – cooked must

Grape syrup obtained by evaporation to slow fire. It is used in the preparation of traditional sweets, in slush, with ice cream, yogurt and cottage cheese. Also excellent as a refreshing drink when diluted and recognized as a homeopathic treatment against diseases of the mouth, such as cough-soothing and decongestant for minor burns.

Cooked must is an ingredient for many recipes: on fruit, meat, pasta, legumes or polenta. It is used in pastry and it is the basic ingredient, together with vinegar, of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Available in bottles of 250, 500 and 750 ml.

Savòr – mostarda bolognese

Pears, apples, quince, pumpkins from our garden and grape must are the ingredients of our traditional jam – without sugar.

From organic ripe fruit we produce this jam with a slightly old flavor, obtained just like the old days, with lots of ripe fruit and prolonged boiling. All this makes the fruit taste slightly caramelized and sweetened only with the must of our grapes. 
Good on bread, excellent in preparing pies or sweet ravioli.

Available pots 320gr or 590gr.

Bulk wine

Our still wines Gocce di Granato and Gocce d’Ambra are available in a practical packaging (Bag in Box), vacuum-packed, with tap that will allow you to drink them at any time and in a desired quantity, preserving their freshness and healthiness without bottling the product.

Immediately available packs of 5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters.

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